ONESIM Team is committed to researching and producing iPhone unlock turbo sim card since 2009. 

The newest Onesim can support iPhone 5S SE 6 6Plus 6S 6S Plus 7 7Plus 8 8 Plus X XS XS Max and XR on iOS 13.x

The new iccid :89014104270225987873(2019-10-29)


It can pop up menu after inserting sim card and chip into iPhone so as to choose unlocking mode.

When iPhone ios version is ios 13.1.3,

1. For AT&T SIM card, you can choose ”More unlock”-Edit iccid -input iccid code and Send—Accept—Reboot iPhone, it will have signal and work normally.

2. For other SIM card, such T-Mobile, Sprint, etc. you can select " Auto TMSI & ICCID Mode"—Input iccid code and Send—"Accept"—Reboot iPhone, and activate it by wifi, it will have signal and work normally.

When iPhone ios is lower than ios 13.1.3, the ICCID & TMSI mode has no function. You can choose the other mode to unlock iPhone.


1.It only pop up menu ONE time. when you want to pop up the menu again, please change a phone sim card, 

2.When it shows “no service”, please ignore the wi-fi, enter to Settings--Cellular—SIM Applications—Rehabilitate, it will show signal plus LTE, wait for 2 minutes, so as to check the signal stability(do no do any operation on this period), then reboot iPhone and click “Next step”, it will have signal.


After it has been worked normally, please obey the following rules:

1. Do not erase iPhone,

2. Do not replace phone sim card,

3. Do not update iOS by computer, only by OTA from Settings--

    General--Software update--update iOS.


Apple released iOS 12.3 on May 14th, and closed the dialing command *5005*7672*88# on iOS 12.3.

How to Edit ICCID for Previous Products, 

Because the previous products made before May 15th, 2019 have not pop-up menu function, you can edit iccid by the following.before unlocking iPhone iOS 12.3, 

(1) You can use any model of unlocked iPhone to edit iccid, whatever iPhone iOS is,

      enter to Settings--Phone --SIM Applications (for iOS 8 9 10 11)

      or Settings--Cellular--Cellular Data--SIM Applications (for iOS 12 12.2 12.3) to edit iccid.

(2) As the dialing command *5005*7672*88# is available for iOS 12.2 and below,

      you can also use any model of iPhone (locked or unlocked) on iOS12.2 and below to edit iccid.